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Monday Spotlight Indie Stop-setsEmily Dickmeier
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Monday Spotlight

Live Radio show for which I am the producer and on-air talent. Above are the stop-sets from my "Indie Artists" episode. 

Fracol Visits UCMEmily Dickmeier
00:00 / 01:29

Fracol Visits UCM 

News feature for UCM Radio - The Beat in which I interviewed award-winning cinematographer and camera operator Steve Fracol. I was the producer and talent for this. 

DPt Intro 3Emily Dickmeier
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Disney Playtime

Tracked radio show for which I am the producer and voice talent. Above is an opening stop-set used to voice track the show.  

Wear Sunscreen! Emily Dickmeier
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Wear Sunscreen!

Public service announcement for UCM Radio - The Beat for which I wrote, produced, and did the voice acting.  

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