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White Cliffs

Taken from the tallest point that I could find, a comparison of the White Cliffs of Dover, England and those willing to hike its path.

St. Augustine

People enjoying the beach in St. Augustine, Florida. 

From the Top

Taken from the top of the Eiffel tower, a birds eye view of the City of Love, Paris, France. 


A seagull grabbing a snack from a dolphin tour passenger in Mobile Bay, Alabama.

Big Ben

Someone on the streets of London snapping a photo of the Great Clock of Westminster. 

Puff of Smoke

Dr. Jack Rogers lights a cigar in preparation of leading a walking tour of Cardiff, Wales. 


Taken from beneath the Eiffel Tower, visitors walk across the glass floor. 


A young girl chases after a bird on St. Augustine each in

St. Augistine, Florida


Through the Glass

A habitant of Zoo Atlanta, in Atlanta, GA peering through the glass back at my lens

Green Island

An tiny island off the coast of Howth, Dublin, Ireland.


The inside of a champagne cellar in Champagne, France.


My late grandfather lost in thought during Christmas dinner. 

Pro Roe

Protestors chant and raise signs for reproductive rights in Warrensburg, Missouri 

Staring Contest

A squirrel playing the staring game. 

Along the Tree Line

Habitants of Dublin, Ireland walk along the towering tree line. 

Evening Walk

Habitants of Howth, Dublin, Ireland stroll along the coast. 

On the Rocks

The coast of Ireland from Howth, Dublin, Ireland

Castle Walls

A wall along one of the many castle-like buildings in Dover, England.

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