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Kansas City Zoo penguin selected in global competition

FOX4 KC - WDAF TV News package about an award-winning penguin who resides at the Kansas City Zoo.


Meet the Mascots

A documentary short film of which I was the director, producer, and editor. Made in cooperation with the University of Central Missouri's Integrated Marketing and Communications Office. 

Darin Day

A light-hearted documentary of a Sports Broadcasting class dressing as their boss. Shot to resemble the style of an episode of The Office. I edited this video in Adobe Premiere Pro. 


Monarchs Baseball

I did an internship for Zimmerman Productions in Kansas City, much of which consisted of Monarchs baseball! This is a hype-video style compilation of my favorite shots from my work there!


Is Water Wet?

The short film Is Water Wet? directed by Gavin Rupp. I edited this in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

The short film follows college students as they are interrogated by the FBI for unknown reasons. 


UCM Football Highlight Reel 

I was the 3-play replay operator for UCM's Conference Championship game, to the right is the highlight package that I created that played following the game's broadcast

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