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To the right is a link to my email if you'd like to get in contact! You can also reach me on my cell at (816) 565-3964

Below is a timeline of my career in digital media production. 

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April - September 2023

Began my internship with Zimmerman Productions for the Kansas City Mavericks and Kansas City Monarchs as a camera operator.

I now work for Zimmerman Productions as a freelance camera operator and work when I can based on my educational obligations. 

Spring 2023

Took Advanced Multicam Production which led me to direct multiple athletic broadcasts for UCM Men's Basketball, UCM Women's Basketball, and UCM Baseball.


I also was co-producer for the live production of Study Hall for which I co-wrote the script and rotated through the positions of director and floor director. 

February - March 2023

I took the opportunity to travel with UCM's Speech and Debate team to Ireland, Wales, and England to broadcast their annual debate competition: Montgomery Cup. My classmate, Cassidy Lesire, and I produced and took turns directing the broadcast from the U.K. 

Fall 2022

Joined UCM's Media Creators Association. In this club we produce short films, some of which I got to do many roles. These roles include assistant director, camera operator, script supervisor, and set production designer. The photo to the left is me on set of the short film Looking Glass directed by Josh Williams, set to release Fall 2023. I'm standing with the set I helped to create covered in a sticky concoction of my own making. 

September 2022

I began working as an assistant video producer for UCM's Integrated Marketing and Communications department. I used this position to learn more about creating corporate and promotional videos for the university.

August 2022

Began taking Intro to Sports Broadcasting. This class is what introduced me to the sports world. In this class I learned how to use a Blackmagic URSA mini camera, how to be a camera operator, and the beginning stages of how to direct other camera operators and produce live athletic broadcasts.  

May 2022

Visited France through UCM's Study Abroad program with the Dietetics Program. Used this trip to build my photography portfolio, explore a foreign country, and meet other UCM students outside of Digital Media Production.

August 2020

Began my college career at University of Central Missouri as an "Open Options" student. I had a love for photography, but had yet to figure out what I wanted to do with it. 

Spent my free time taking photos of my friends and soaking up knowledge from my media aesthetics and photography classes. 

I declared my major as Digital Media Production in Spring 2021.

December 2023

Graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Production and a Minor and a Minor in Communications.

March 2024

Began working as a news photographer 

at WDAF-TV FOX4 News in

Kansas City, MO.

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